Going Up on the Downtown Line

23. Ghanaian. CT & NY. Yogi. Queer. Pharmacy Student.
All about good vibes and positivity.
Trying to find my way in life, my career, and on this earth.
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The only way to act now is to not give a fuck about anyone but yourself. Don’t give any consideration to others, the well being of themselves or those close to them. Because once you start to actually care, even just a little, about them, they act terrible towards you. Why does it have to be like that?
Yes I understand we don’t get around to talking often but just know I care and if I have a feeling or urge to contact you and check up on you, I will. That doesn’t mean I’m trying to be a big part or any part, for that matter, of your life.
I’m a decent human and I think there is nothing wrong with this. But apparently other parties do. So with that being said, fuck you, fuck your well-being, and fuck anything that has to do with you because this is the one and last time I ever be cordial with you.
‘Cause apparently, THIS is what needs to be done for folks to not talk to you like you mean nothing and treat you like crap.